Viau Terminal to Undergo New Construction Phase

The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) and LOGISTEC Corporation have just announced that Viau Terminal, which handles about 350,000 containers annually, will undergo a new construction phase to increase its handling capacity.

This is its second phase, which continues and completes the most recent container terminal at the Port of Montreal. Its first phase was completed in 2016.

The project works will run from September 2019 to December 2020 and will mainly include the following: installing piles, railway works, dynamic soil compaction, underground infrastructure works, laying foundation, and paving.

Throughout the works, in accordance with the commitment made by the MPA and Termont Montreal Inc. during public consultations on the project held in 2015, mitigation measures will be implemented to minimize inconvenience to neighboring communities.

According to LOGISTEC Corporation, Termont Montreal Inc. is investing $30 million in the final phase of this key infrastructure project that, in turn, will enable the development and growth of services for the world’s second largest shipping line, MSC, a longstanding partner of both Termont Montreal Inc. and the Port of Montreal.