CIRIA Event on Contaminated Sediments Starts Tomorrow

Construction industry research and information association CIRIA will be the organizer of an event that will explore how risk of contaminated sediments should be assessed and managed in the UK.

The event named “Can industry improve dealing with contaminated sediments?” is taking place on April 10th at the CIRIA Office in Griffin Court, London.

It will also highlight guidance developed in the new CIRIA report C781, Contaminated sediments: a guide for risk assessment and management.

This guide focuses on two main groups of contaminants: inorganic contaminants and organic contaminants.

It sets out a conceptual adaptive management framework that leads readers through the process of evaluating and managing contaminated sediment.

The event will also explore areas where the industry can do better when dealing with contaminated sediments from leaching coastal landfills, harbor and docks projects, navigation dredging and other activities.

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Photo: Image source: CIRIA