Ellicott Ready for Levee L575 Project

Image source: Ellicott

The Omaha District of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract for a second initial breach repair to Levee L575 last week, aimed to protect critical infrastructure along the Missouri River near Hamburg, Iowa.

Image source: Ellicott

The purpose of the breach repair is to provide temporary flood protection at the specified breached area of the levee, said USACE.

The contract was awarded to Newt Marine Services, Dubuque, Iowa.

Ellicott Dredges, a Baltimore based dredge manufacturer, recently shipped a new 18” Booster Pump to the site location where it will be used in conjunction with an Ellicott Series 1270 Dragon® Dredge.

According to their release, USACE expects that the majority of the breach repair fill material will be dredged from the riverbank near the site.

The work is anticipated to be completed by 80 calendar days after Notice-to-Proceed.

Image source: Ellicott