Exploring Potential of Bundaberg Port

Image source: Keith Pitt official facebook page

Federal Member for Hinkler, Keith Pitt, and Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, have announced that $750,000 would be provided for a pre-feasibility study to assess the viability of an outer harbor at the Port of Bundaberg as a potential site to load larger cargo vessels.

Image source: Keith Pitt official facebook page

“This pre-feasibility study will look at oceanography, tides, prevailing winds as well as infrastructure costs, any dredging requirements and design feasibility for an outer harbor facility to load larger vessels,” Mr Pitt said.

“Once again, our local port potential has been talked about for decades but no-one has taken the necessary action to determine the feasibility and cost benefit of any proposal to expand the Port of Bundaberg’s operations.

“The Federal Liberal and Nationals Government’s commitment will establish the likely economic benefits, technical feasibility, environmental impacts and establish a more accurate picture of the true costs and benefits of a large expansion of the Port of Bundaberg.”

Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, added that an outer harbor is expected to cost in excess of $3 billion, a pre-feasibility report funded the commitment by the Liberal and Nationals Government will provide certainty for potential investors in any port expansion.