‘Wave Action on Coastal Structures’ in Dubai

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Image source: hrwallingford.com

HR Wallingford has announced that their classroom training under the name ‘Wave Action on Coastal Structures’ is set to take place on May 21-22, 2019, in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. 

This course will teach the theory and methods necessary for delivering alternative solutions to coastal problems.

“Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of a range of coastal structures, and improve their knowledge of wave characteristics. It will introduce the EurOtop manual and present established and new techniques to predict wave overtopping at seawalls, flood embankments, breakwaters and other shoreline structures,” said HR Wallingford in its announcement.

Course content

  • An introduction to the main types of structure;
  • Use simple methods to estimate wave loads and how to predict wave overtopping, crest level calculation and armor size determination;
  • An introduction to the EurOtop manual and the techniques (both established and new) used to predict wave overtopping at shoreline structures;
  • Gain a theoretical understanding of the key issues in coastal engineering;
  • Definition of key structural and hydraulic parameters, discussion of the types of prediction methods, and guidance on how the results should be interpreted;
  • The main methods available for predicting overtopping (desk calculations; use of BayonetGPE tool; PC Overtopping).


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