West Beach Project Kicks Off in Dorset

The Environment Agency and Dorset Council have partnered up to work on a new multi-million pound sea defense project at West Bay, West Dorset.

Over the next two weeks, subject to weather and sea conditions, large rocks will be delivered by barges to West Beach so that new and improved sea defenses can be constructed.

Full installation of the rock groynes and revetment will take approximately two months and involve the use of large excavators, dump trucks and bulldozers. 40,000 tonnes of rock and 10,000 tonnes of shingle is being imported.

The largest rocks will weigh in the region of 10 tonnes each.

According to the Council, West Beach will be closed until early July for the duration of works and access to East Beach will be restricted at certain times.

We regret that some inconvenience may be caused for this relatively short period of time. The works are crucial to ensure the safety of residents and local businesses who are at continued risk from floods and also the continued economic viability of West Bay,” the Council said.

There will be a series of drop-in sessions at the Salt House to keep local residents, businesses and visitors updated with the latest on these important works.

Open from 1:30–4:30pm on these dates:

  • Thursday 16 May;
  • Thursday 30 May;
  • Thursday 13 June;
  • Thursday 27 June.