£45 Million York Flood Alleviation Scheme Gets Underway

A major milestone has been reached as construction work gets underway on the Environment Agency’s York Flood Alleviation Scheme, in partnership with City of York Council.

Contractors have started preparing to raise and improve flood defenses from Westgate Apartments to the Park Inn hotel on North Street, reported the EA today.

This section of the flood defense scheme will also see the floodgate under Lendal Bridge increased in height. A site compound has started being constructed on Tanner Row opposite the Maltings pub.

The work forms part of the £45 million York Flood Alleviation Scheme which will better protect 2,000 properties across the city by 2021.

The work will consist of:

  • Raising the existing floodwall along North Street by up to 30cm and installing new flood gates, and increasing the width of the gate nearest Lendal Bridge to 2.5m to improve access.
  • Increasing the height of the Lendal Bridge floodgate by 30cm with an additional 15cm demountable panel for extreme events.
  • Enabling demountable flood barriers to be used across the main and second entrance to the Memorial Gardens.
  • Constructing a new flood wall up to 70cm high along Leeman Road from Westgate Apartments to a new embankment in the grounds of York City Rowing Club, with the incorporation of demountable barriers at access points.
  • Raising of the wall and replacement/refurbishment of penstocks at the Park Inn/riverside walkway.