VIDEO: Lake Linganore Dredging on Display

The Frederick County Government released this very interesting video last week about the Lake Linganore dredging project. 

The $12.7 million dredging scheme, to be undertaken by Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe, Inc., will restore water depths, improve water storage capacity for the City of Frederick and Frederick County.

Since its construction in 1972, Lake Linganore has been losing storage capacity due to sedimentation. The upper reaches of the Lake (above Boyers Mill Road) are especially susceptible to sediment infill, losing approximately 65 percent of the water volume.

This sediment accumulation has led to a loss in water storage capacity needed by the City of Frederick and Frederick County, and has severely restricted or eliminated access to the Lake for some homeowners in the area.

Under the contract, dredged material will be removed from the lake and stockpiled for innovative reuse as future landfill cover.


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