Contract Awarded for L550 Levee System Repairs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District awarded a $22.1 million contract to Weston Solutions of West Chester, PA for initial breach repairs to the L550-561 levee system Tuesday.

According to the Corps, there are four levee breaches on levee L550 due to this year’s high runoff event.

This initial breach repair will reduce the risk of flooding to help protect critical infrastructure along the Missouri River near Watson, Missouri.

Within 100 days of the contractor beginning this initial breach repair work, both priority breaches on the L550 levee system should be closed,” said Rachel Shrader, Project Manager, Omaha District System Restoration Team.

Rachel Shrader also added that these initial breach repairs will increase flood risk management to the area behind the levee as the team works on repair solutions for fully rehabilitating the levee system.