Council Bend Chute Stabilization Plans Available

A draft supplemental environmental assessment to evaluate the impacts of stabilizing the Council Bend chute in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, is currently available for public review.

This supplemental EA specifically evaluates activities required to maintain the ecological function of the chute without adversely impacting the Missouri River authorized purposes including flood risk management, said USACE in its release.

The proposed project includes constructing a 925-linear foot stone toe revetment along the east bank of the Missouri River near river mile 617.4 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

According to USACE, the purpose of the project is to stabilize the chute and prevent erosion that could occur as a result of two scour holes that formed near the area during high water in 2018.

This draft supplemental EA also evaluates the impacts of operation and maintenance activities that may be required along the chute in the future in response to other extreme high water events. Activities could include riprap armoring of identified chute bank scour areas, riprap armoring along the chute bank prior to scour area development, and repair of grade control structures, said USACE.

The deadline for sending the comments is August 9, 2019.