UK’s First Ever Sandscaping Coastal Scheme Officially Underway

The UK’s first ever sandscaping coastal flood scheme is officially underway in the villages of Bacton and Walcott.

The project – named ‘Bacton to Walcott Coastal Management Sandcaping Scheme’ – is being carried out by Van Oord and Royal Haskoning DHV, working as part of Team Van Oord.

During the works, approximately 1.8 million cubic meters of sand will be dredged and placed onto the Bacton to Walcott beaches.

According to the North Norfolk District Council, sandscaping work is expected to progress quickly, starting at Bacton Gas Terminal and working towards Walcott.

As it proceeds, the project will move from the North West end of the frontage – in front of the gas terminal – to the South East. At the fastest pace, you will see up to 240 meters of new beach completed per day,” the council said.

Overall the Bacton to Walcott Coastal Management Sandscaping Scheme will include placement of:

  • approximately 1 million cubic meters in front of Bacton Gas Terminal;
  • approximately 0.8 million cubic meters in front of the villages of Bacton and Walcott.

Estimated scheme costs are between £18 million and £19 million.


Photo: Image source: John Curtin