Wynyard Edge Alliance Makes Good Progress in Auckland

The Wynyard Edge Alliance (WEA) team has been working hard lately making a good progress on the America’s Cup bases in Auckland.

According to the Alliance, the breakwater along Hobson Wharf (Breakwater 8) is complete, with minor finishing works wrapped up in early July.

They also added that all 84 piles for the Hobson Wharf extension have been installed, with 12 remaining to be drilled. Precast panels have been installed on the first three and a half rows of piles, and concrete poured over the first three to form the deck – which is now 50 per cent complete.

Furthermore, the company reported that dredging has been completed in the entrance channel and the outer Viaduct Harbor. The barge has now moved to Wynyard Basin and started dredging there. To date, the contractor dredged over 63,000m³ of material.

At the end of Halsey Wharf, 9 of 15 piles have been installed for one breakwater (Breakwater 3), while 20 of 29 piles have been installed for another (Breakwater 5), the Alliance reported.

The seawall piles for the SeaLink relocation works are now complete. Works are starting on the piles for the wharf – 7 of the 9 piles have been driven, with the first 5 piles drilled and concreted this week.

The Wynyard Wharf repair works are over 90 per cent complete for the initial scope, with another 20m3 of additional work to do to get us down to North Wharf. Meanwhile, mobilization for the Wynyard Infill Bridge works started this week to set up temporary staging.

The base pads for two of the syndicate challenger bases (Bases C and D) are largely complete, while another base pad (Base E) and the sidewalks with parking along Hamer Street are ready for asphalt early July.


Photo: Image source: WEA

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