Preparation Works Wrap Up, Port of Broome Dredging on the Way

Piles removed, navigation aids relocated, debris from seabed cleaned up, dredge equipment mobilized, baseline water sampling completed and marine fauna observers trained – all the prep work to enable dredging of the Western Australia’s Port of Broome navigational channel is now complete.

Image source: Jan De Nul

According to the Kimberley Ports Authority’s latest announcement, Total AMS Pty Ltd has removed the channel rock beacon and the supporting piles and old pile remnants embedded in the sandstone seabed.

In keeping with KPA’s Dredging Environmental Management Plan, baseline water monitoring has been carried out and marine fauna observer training completed. KPA also cleaned debris from the seabed and gathered support equipment onsite to prepare for the arrival of the dredge.

“Dredging contractors Jan De Nul have mobilized their dredge, the Niccolo Machiavelli, from Singapore to Port Hedland where works are being undertaken for Pilbara Ports,” said Scott Baker, Engineering Manager.

“As soon as the dredging work at Port Hedland is complete, the Niccolo Machiavelli will travel up to Broome. Delays in the Pilbara have put our COP program a little behind and we expect dredging to commence in early September.”

Once the dredge is onsite, approximately 70,000 cubic metres of rock and marine sediment will be removed from the channel, which will take 10 to 15 days (with the dredge operating 24/7).

A post-dredge survey will then be undertaken to ensure the channel design has been met before navigational aids are installed to mark the new channel.