Dunedin City Council Monitors Coastal Erosion

The New Zealand’s Dunedin City Council (DCC) is closely monitoring coastal erosion in front of Kettle Park.

Recent high seas have washed away sand along about 200m of Ocean Beach, by Kettle Park. This has exposed rubble in front of the dune which was placed in 2007 as part of protection measures for the dune and the old landfill under Kettle Park. The current erosion is also undermining the clay cap which sits over the dunes, said DCC.

DCC General Manager Infrastructure Services, Simon Drew, said that “the material exposed is not landfill material and there are no risks to people or the environment at this stage. What has been exposed is material such as concrete, bricks and rubble that was placed as a buffer to prevent the historic landfill being exposed.”

The DCC is monitoring the situation closely and has been for several days.

“We have received expert advice from local and national specialists to help ensure we take the most appropriate approach. Contractors will be on site on Friday, taking away rubble that people could hurt themselves on such as sharp rocks. Most of the material on the beach will be left where it is to help protect the dune. We’ll continue to monitor closely and will re-evaluate and take action if things change,” said Drew.

This beach typically rises and falls throughout the year. Usually, there is more sand in the summer, so sand levels are likely to rise again in coming months, reducing the likelihood of rock, rubble and other materials being exposed and eroded.

“We’ve already begun work on a long-term approach to managing this and the area from St Clair to St Kilda. We’ll be involving the community in this process,” added Drew.

The area is from the St Clair tennis courts to just east of Moana Rua Road.

Photo: Image source: Dunedin City Council