Nags Head Beach Nourishment VIDEO Update

The Town of Nags Head, NC, said in their latest project update that the beach nourishment works are making steady progress towards Outer Banks Pier near Mile Post 18.5 in the 8900 block of South Old Oregon Inlet Road.

Construction is expected to tie into the already nourished beach just south of the pier during this week.

Once the tie-in is complete, construction will relocate to the submerged pipeline near Mile Post 18 in the 8500 block of South Old Oregon Inlet Road.

From that submerged pipeline, construction will move north to tie into the beach that was built earlier in the summer near Mile Post 17 in the 8200 block of South Old Oregon Inlet Road.

“Once these two tie-ins are complete, we will close the curtain on the beach nourishment project. At this point, we expect the project to be complete sometime during the last two weeks of August,” the town said.

Demobilization and removal of shore pipe and other equipment will take 7-10 days.

This $34.7 million scheme was awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (GLDD) back in 2018.