USACE, ASPA Ink Mobile Harbor Design Agreement

Image source: USACE

Col. Sebastien P. Joly, commander of USACE Mobile District, and James Lyons, director and chief executive officer of the Alabama State Port Authority (ASPA), signed the Design Agreement yesterday at the Port of Mobile, which begins the design phase for improvements to the Mobile Harbor, Alabama Project.

Image source: USACE

“Signing of the Pre-Construction, Engineering and Design Agreement is the next step in ensuring the long-term health of the Mobile Harbor,” said Joly.

“With this agreement, we are able to move forward with additional testing and design work that will ultimately lead to construction. We appreciate all of the contributions of the public, the Port, and other government agencies, which will result in the best possible channel project for Alabama.”

The design will consist of the following modifications to the existing channel:

  • Deepen the existing Bar, Bay and River Channels (south of the Wallace Tunnel) to a depth of 50 feet;
  • Incorporate minor bend easings in the Bar Channel approach to the Bay Channel;
  • Widen the Bay Channel from 400 feet to 500 feet at a depth of 50 feet from the mouth of Mobile Bay northward for 3 nautical miles to provide a two-way traffic area for passing;
  • Expand the Choctaw Pass Turning Basin 250 feet to the south at a depth of 50 feet to better accommodate safe turning of the design vessel and other large vessels.

Construction on the modifications is expected to begin in late 2020.