New Construction Schedule for the Aberdeen South Harbor

Aberdeen Harbor Board has announced a new construction schedule for the South Harbor Expansion Project.

The program is based on a phased completion of South Harbor in 2021.

Michelle Handforth, Chief Executive of Aberdeen Harbor Board, said: “Construction at South Harbor has progressed significantly in the last 18 months, and despite the impact of several weather events, many elements of the project are ahead of schedule.”

We have now entered the most demanding and complex phase of the works, as we move into deep water construction and, with another winter period approaching, we are encountering technical challenges in the dredging program associated with the South Breakwater,” added Michelle Handforth.

She continued by saying that it is unclear currently as to the exact impact these challenges will have on the project schedule, and what impact further winter weather conditions such as sea-states and high tides might have on each element of the project, “but we can confirm that we are now working to a phased South Harbor completion program in 2021”.

We are still making excellent progress given the complexity of the project, and it is widely appreciated that infrastructure projects of this scale can be susceptible to technical challenges. We will keep working with our contractors and stakeholders to successfully manage these situations as they arise, and together we’ll see this project through to a successful completion,” concluded Michelle Handforth.


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