Collier County Beach Renourishment About to Begin

Earth Tech Enterprises, Inc. is about to begin Collier County Beach Renourishment project, according to the county’s latest update.

The County Coastal Zone Management has advised that beach access for the 2019 Beach Renourishment Project at Horizon Way will remain open through this weekend.

They also added that mobilization and staging at that location is now scheduled to begin on Monday, Oct. 14.

Mobilization and staging started on Oct. 7 at the Gulf Shore access and both locations will have sand hauling and placement begin on Oct. 16, as previously planned,” Collier County said.

The project will utilize the Horizon Way beach access to place half of the sand on the southern half of the project and the Gulf Shore Beach pedestrian access to place the remaining half of the sand on the north end of the project.

The anticipated completion date for the project is Jan. 1, 2020.


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