Settlement Shores Dredging Set for November

Dredging in the Settlement Shores canal system will begin in November this year to address areas where the depth has been impacted by sedimentation, tidal movements and boat wash, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council reports. 

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The dredging will ensure the canal system continues to be safe to access for the boating public, whilst also preserving the shoreline and ensuring the stability of canal infrastructure.

Council Director, Dan Bylsma, said that an updated Canal Management Plan (CMP) was developed in 2017, which identified areas where the canal depth had changed.

“During the development of the plan, two engagement sessions took place with canal residents,” said Mr Bylsma.

“Feedback from residents outlined that dredging needed to occur as a priority, to maintain the canals, ensuring a safe depth for boats, and to restore the shape of beaches.

“Over $1.1 million in funding has been allocated to the dredging.”

Birdon Pty Ltd will undertake the work on behalf of Council, with the dredging expected to be completed by April 2020, including a scheduled shutdown over the Christmas/New Year period.