Burton Flood Defenses Project on Target

The Environment Agency’s £30 million project to improve Burton flood defenses are right on schedule, informs the EA.

The improved defenses, due to be complete in March 2021, will better protect the people of Burton from the risk of flooding.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “We’re proud to be delivering better flood protection for the people of Burton. The recent high river levels are a timely reminder of why this work to protect 4,500 homes and over 1,000 businesses from flooding is essential.

The work of the Environment Agency, and their contractors Galliford Try/Black & Veatch, will improve 3.7km of the 9km existing defenses, and continues the work carried out in 2007 when other parts of the defenses were improved.

Work has started at Blackpool Street and at Paget High School, with work due to start at the library and leisure center in coming weeks.

According to the Environment Agency, preparatory work has already started on these locations.