Crowdy Dredging Rescheduled

Dredging of the Crowdy Harbor Boat Ramp facility was set to begin on November 11, but has been rescheduled to start on November 25 due to the recent bushfire event, the New South Wales’ MidCoast Council informs. 

Under the plan, the council will undertake the dredging of sand that has built up on all four boat ramps within the harbor as it is impacting on the depths of the ramps.

According to their latest announcement, the sand will be transferred to an adjacent section of eroded foreshore where it will be deposited to help replenish and stabilize the area.

The dredging and depositing will take about four days to complete and will result in various boat ramps around the harbor being closed at different times.

“Dredging the ramps within the harbor will improve water quality and help with navigation in and out of the harbor, while the excess sand will replenish an area of the foreshore that really needs it, so it’s good news all round,” said MidCoast Council’s Paul De Szell.

The dredging of the boat ramps is expected to be completed by November 30.