Poplar River Harbor Dredging Plan on the Table

The Government of Canada’s Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) are proposing to undertake routine maintenance dredging at Poplar River Harbor on Lake Winnipeg. 

The scope of this project includes routine maintenance dredging of the west side of the harbor between the breakwater and float wharves.

The proposed dredging will be done from the ice by land based equipment and a silt curtain will be used to isolate the area.

All dredged material will be disposed of on land above the high water mark, said DFO.

The approximate area to be dredged is 323 square meters, and the approximate total volume of material is 312 cubic meters of material.

Poplar River Harbor is located at the East end of Lake Winnipeg at the mouth of the Poplar River, approximately 135 km North of Bloodvien, Manitoba.

The harbor is an active commercial fishing facility under the administration of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Small Craft Harbors Branch (SCH).

Photo: Image source: Cheryl Christian, Mayor at RM of West St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada