USACE Hosts Kickoff Event for Stonycreek River Sediment Removal

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Pittsburgh District held a kickoff event last week for the $1.2-million sediment removal contract along the Stonycreek River in Johnstown, PA.

Image source: USACE

“This opportunity to meet with Representative Joyce and our partners will ensure everyone understands the project goals and benefits,” said Col. Andrew Short, commander, Pittsburgh District.

“Maintenance projects like this are critical because they help sustain local flood protection by ensuring maximum performance of the original projects.” 

After the project’s completion, the Stonycreek River channel will have an unimpeded water flow and a reduced risk of flooding that will benefit more than 19,000 Johnstown residents.

The contract was awarded to Green World Contracting Company of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, in September.

The local-protection project, set to remove 11.000 cubic yards of sediment along 1 mile of channel, is designed to reduce the impact of floodwater to the existing river banks by providing concrete walls built to accommodate flows equivalent to those of the March 1936 flood.

The contract work is estimated to begin in early 2020 and finish in September 2020.