Moray Council Opts for Prolec pcX

Moray Council has expanded its dredging capabilities with the James Fisher Prolec’s guidance system pcX-Pro.

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The pcX-Pro system, built into the Council’s dredger Selkie, allows the user to see detailed digital terrain models and designs of the environment around them. On water-based projects this system allows the operator to ensure that they dredge the sea or riverbed to the correct depth – without actually seeing it.

Now, using Prolec’s sophisticated system and expert training, the Moray team in Scotland is working closely with Forth Ports Ltd to develop annual dredging campaigns in a number of harbors in the Firth of Forth.

Commenting the latest news, Joe Lawson, project development lead at Prolec, said: “Dredging jobs are prone to over-and under-dredging where too much or too little silt and debris is removed. This can have serious implications in ports where vessels can become grounded if levels are not low enough, but over-dredging can affect water levels and can even destabilize foundations of walls and peers.”

Work has already been carried out in Newhaven to facilitate access for bringing passengers ashore from cruise ships, and in Methil to allow safe access for cargo vessels.