Segura River Dredging Operations Underway

Guardamar Town Council, Spain, has started phase two of the Segura River dredging works.

According to the officials, the dredging of the area will make the river navigable again, recovering its draft for the fishing and tourist vessels that use this area.

Councillor for Works, José María Hernández, explained that current water depth in the area is less than one meter when it should be between 3m and 3.5m.

Once the dredging of 20,000 cubic meters of sediment is complete and the draft recovered, the channel will be once again open for craft and leisure boats,” said José María Hernández.

With the price tag of €302,000 this dredging is expected to be completed over the next two months.

The mouth of the Segura river is part of a protected area and the sludge removed requires special treatment. The removed sediment will be put into trucks and taken to a nearby deposit yard that was built specially for this project.

Image source: Town of Guardamar