USACE Sends Flood Team to Tokeland

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, is responding to a request for assistance from the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe to help with the tribe’s ongoing efforts to repair a flood risk reduction berm near Tokeland, Washington.

Image source: USACE

Both a direct assistance team and equipment arrived yesterday and they will be conducting 24-hour operations working on both the low tide cycles.

The Seattle District commander declared an emergency December 17. The team will assist stabilizing 1,800 linear feet of berm. The tribe had been placing riprap along the dune to reduce the threat of breaching prior to the request.

“The Corps sent out a team of five experienced emergency responders to place rock along the berm in order to reduce the risk to the Tokeland community,” said Doug Weber, the Seattle District, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Emergency Management Branch Chief. “The team is partnering with the tribe to stabilize the berm.”

The district will be monitoring conditions, as heavy rain and storm surge is forecasted during high tides to impact the region starting Wednesday night putting coastal cities at risk.

Public Law 84-99 enables the Corps to assist state and local authorities in flood fight activities and cost share in the repair of flood protection structures.