USACE Presents Port of Nome Development Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District has released the Port of Nome Modification feasibility study and environmental assessment for the proposed navigational and marine infrastructure improvements serving the hub community of Nome.

The recommended plan, also known as “Alternative 8b,” intends to dredge a deep-water basin to minus 40 feet and an outer basin to minus 28 feet alongside several other marine infrastructure projects at the Port of Nome.

According to the Corps, the estimated total cost of the project is $491 million.

USACE said in the release that the purpose of this study is to identify a feasible solution that provides safe, reliable, and efficient navigation and mooring for vessels in the area.

They also added that the project is needed to alleviate existing vessel restrictions that are imposed by insufficient channel depths and harbor area.

Ship transportation in to the Port of Nome is presently limited by existing depths in the outer basin of minus 22 feet. This basin depth is inadequate to safely accommodate vessels of drafts greater than approximately 18 feet.