Oceanside Harbor Dredging Starts This Spring

City of Oceanside Harbor, California, yesterday announced first in the series of updates regarding the annual Spring dredge of the harbor inlet.

As already reported, the Army Corp is required to maintain the harbor entrance channel which is funded by the Federal Budget.

This year the appropriated funds will allow the contractor (Manson Construction) to dredge up to 400,000 cubic yards. That is nearly double the amount that was dredged in 2019.

The City of Oceanside is working on approving additional funds to supplement dredging additional cubic yards of clean sand, if available.

USACE has also received approval to maintain the entrance channel to minus 30 feet. Previously the maintenance depth was minus 25 feet.

This should provide more sand for Oceanside beaches and a safer entrance channel for boaters. We do not have any confirmed dates for the start or finish of this dredge cycle, however, we are told it could start as early as mid to late March,” the city officials said.

They also added that the end of the dredge is fully dependent on many factors, including weather, mechanical issues, the amount of dredge material available, the grunion run and who knows what else.


Photo: Image source: Oceanside Harbor