Cockle Bay Beach Gets Makeover

A new rock revetment has been constructed on the western side of Cockle Bay beach to reduce severe coastal erosion, reports the Auckland Council.

The revetment, consisting of rock weighing between 300kg and 1tonne, dissipates wave energy, reducing the height of the waves reflecting eastward toward the beach that were contributing to the erosion.

According to the officials, the temporary rock armor that had been placed to protect the pōhutukawa trees after a severe storm in January 2018 has now been removed and a re-aligned revetment has been constructed in its place, connecting to the adjacent seawall with a concrete nib wall.

The eroded area was reinstated with grass and the adjacent parking bays were reformed.

They also added that some 100m³ of sand was replenished to the beachfront and an existing concrete ramp was extended to improve pedestrian access directly onto the beach.


Photo: Image source: Auckland Council