Panetta Secures Federal Funding for Santa Cruz Dredging

California Congressman Jimmy Panetta announced this week that $540,000 will go toward ensuring that people can continue to navigate Santa Cruz Harbor channels as maintenance dredging continues.

This funding will help ensure the safety and prosperity of communities on the central coast of California.

“Since I was elected to office, I have been committed to ensuring that the federal government works for us on the Central Coast.  The communities in Watsonville and Pajaro have experienced four major flooding events since 1949, and they simply cannot afford future damages,” said Congressman Panetta. 

“With our constant pressure and partnership, we were able to prompt the Army Corps to take these pivotal steps forward so that they eventually can be in a position to make critical repairs to the infrastructure on the Pajaro River.”

The Pajaro River Flood Risk Reduction Project was authorized by the federal Flood Control Act of 1966, and local leaders have been working with the Army Corps since then to secure the authority for construction. Last year, Congressman Panetta secured a final feasibility report for the Pajaro River project, achieving this milestone.

This Director’s Report allowed the Project to enter into its Pre-Construction, Engineering, and Design (PED) phase, which made it eligible for federal funding.