PHOTO: DEME’s Breydel Busy in Italy

Image source: DEME

DEME Group is currently carrying out several dredging projects in Southern European ports.

Image source: DEME

”Our trailing suction hopper dredger Breydel is deployed in Italy for the deepening of the inner channel and internal basin in the Port of Salerno, further improving the port’s access. Recently, we also carried out dredging works in the ports of Naples and Livorno,” said DEME.

Maintenance and capital dredging works of the Toscana dock and the turning basin in Livorno harbor to a depth of -13.00 m, which represented a total of 800,000m³ of dredged material.

Additionally, selective dredging, and the storage and disposal of contaminated sediments (13,500m³) in an authorized treatment plant took place.

The main maintenance and capital dredging works were performed by the TSHD Marieke.