Oceanside Dredging Nears End

The City of Oceanside Harbor, CA, yesterday released the latest update on their dredging project, saying that as of March 16, Manson Construction has dredged 191,000 cubic yards of sand.

Image source: City of Oceanside Harbor

There is approximately 160,000 to 185,000 cubic yards left to dredge in the entrance channel.

The dredge outlet pipe is currently located approximately 200’ north of Tyson Street. More pipe was delivered this week. Manson plans to move the outlet pipe approximately 500’ south of Tyson street in the next couple of days and deliver the remaining sand to that location.

The city also said that the HR Morris has been down for two days waiting on better weather.

“The dredge cycle is expected to be completed by March 29, pending any other unforeseen weather delays. Manson Construction is experiencing some minor reductions in staffing due to COVID 19, however, they do not expect that to impact their schedule at this time,” according to the update.

Demobilization would begin on March 29 and completed by April 6. If all goes as currently scheduled, this will be the largest dredge and earliest completion in many years.