Old Saybrook Project on Display

Lynde Point Land Trust, Inc., is seeking a permit from the USACE New England District to conduct work in waters of the U.S. in conjunction with stabilizing long-term shoreline erosion and protecting Lynde Point Marsh in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Photo by Craig Martin, USACE

This work is proposed in Long Island Sound and Crab Creek east and northeast of 6 Mohegan Avenue in Old Saybrook.

The work involves the discharge of fill material, both temporary and permanent, consisting of soil and rock associated with northerly relocation of Crab Creek, filling of the old tidal creek and cross-culvert abandonment in place under Mohegan Avenue, construction of intertidal stone sills, creation of tidal wetland habitat and reestablishment and expansion of coastal dune features.

The reconfiguration of Crab Creek is designed to prevent tidal blockages and the placement of fill as a “living shoreline” is proposed to attenuate waves that are causing shoreline erosion and barrier beach migration northward.

A total of 710 square feet of tidal wetland will be converted to dry land with placement of 63 cubic yards of sand for expansion of a coastal dune. In all, the proposed work will result in a discharge of fill material and associated grading with permanent impacts over a 34,750-square-foot (0.80 acre) area of unvegetated intertidal and subtidal habitat and a 710-square-foot (0.016 acre) area of tidal wetland.

The work will also include 8,300 square feet of temporary fill associated with best management practices.

The purpose of the proposed work is to stabilize the long-term shoreline erosion and protect Lynde Point Marsh, Crab Creek, Mohegan Avenue and the adjacent salt pond from the more frequent storms that threaten these features.