Damen CSD350 commissioned in Brazil

Damen has delivered a Cutter Suction Dredger(CSD) 350 to Brazil. This dredger was Damen’s first to be sold to this South American country.

During the challenging Covid-19 period, the dismountable dredger has been assembled and launched by the customer and commissioned on site with Damen assistance at the Vale Brucutu mine.

Brucutu mine is an iron ore exploration which is considered the largest mining operation in Minas Gerais and just below Carajás, being the second in Brasil. The capacity of the mine is 30 millions of tons.

Brucutu Mine is situated closed to Itabira, located in the province of Minas Gerais, in the South East of Brazil. Since the early 20th century, the town has been known for its large iron reserves.

Iron ore exploitation has resulted in the presence of a number of tailing ponds. These tailing ponds are being managed to increase safety of the environment and yet, over time ore production processes have improved considerably.

As a result, the ore now locked in the tailing ponds and reservoirs is to be dug up to be treated by the ore plant for further use. This cleaning action will considerably reduce the amount of stored material, improving the utilization of water and decreasing the environment impact of the operation.

The CSD350 will be operated by Construtora Vale Verde, a well-established local company specialised in civil engineering works. Cleaning the local environment by emptying the tailing ponds surrounding the town, neatly fits the company’s values such as respect for the environment.

The project consist of dredging 630.000 m3 of mine and industrial tailings from the dam area to its arms, in order to reallocate material closer to the dam and it is expected to finish in 9 months.

The tailings dredger has been named Amsterdam.

This choice may be less surprising than it seems, the Managing Director of Construtora Vale Verde, Mr Hugo Soares, said: “We have named our new cutter dredger Amsterdam as we are impressed by the Dutch water management. Centuries ago canals were dug and dykes were constructed to ensure the local population could live safely. And still the Netherlands is a country of which a large part is under sea level – an incredible feat of civil engineering. Thus, we thought it would be apt to give our first dredger this name.”

In the meantime the Amsterdam has started managing and cleaning the first industrial pond, thus contributing to a safer and cleaner local environment.

Photo: Damen

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