USPA completes another major dredging project

The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) announced today that the channel draft at Berdyansk sea port has been restored to 7.90m for the first time in the last four years.

Image source: USPA

According to the directive of the Harbour Master, the declared draft of the approach channel, the water area and the area near the berths has been resumed to 7.90m since 00:00 o’clock on June 02, 2020.

This was possible thanks to the large-scale maintenance dredging carried out by USPA in Berdyansk sea port over the last nine months.

The maintenance dredging, which started in late August 2019, was carried out by the Specialized Technical Bureau AZIMUTH LLC.

During the works, approximately 1.85 million cubic meters of material was dredged from the harbor area.

The major works (1.39 million cubic meters) were carried out within the approach channel, and 466 thousand cubic meters – within the water area.

Most of the works were carried out by the multi-bucket dredger DUNAY with three barges and a hopper dredger UMD HERCULES.

Separate areas of the channel were processed by both the contractor’s fleet and the dredge MEOTIDA, owned by the Delta-Pilot branch of USPA.