Gippsland Lakes dredging update

Cutter suction dredge Kalimna recently completed maintenance dredging operations at the confluence of The Narrows and Reeve Channel, according to the Gippsland Ports latest report.

CSD Kalimna has been relocated to the area near the Entrance swing basin at the confluence of The Narrows, Hopetoun Channel and Cunninghame Arm, reported Gippsland Ports.

The officials added that trailing suction hopper dredge Tommy Norton is to continue maintenance dredging from time to time during daylight hours on the Lakes Entrance Bar, in the Entrance Channel, in the confluence of the Narrows and Cunninghame Arm and in the Narrows to the entrance to North Arm.

TSHD Tommy Norton annually relocates approximately 200,000 – 300,000m3 of clean oceanic sand predominantly from the Lakes Entrance Bar and also conducts minor maintenance dredging of the inner channels when required.

Lakes Entrance is home to the largest commercial fishing fleet in Victoria and is increasingly used by local and visiting recreational vessels.

Dredging at the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes has occurred for over 120 years and has been essential for maintaining access between the Gippsland Lakes and Bass Strait since the permanent entrance was constructed in 1889.

Photo: Gippsland Ports