Heron’s backhoe dredge GPK busy at Napier Port

Heron Construction Company Ltd. has just released this amazing photo of their backhoe dredge GPK, taken during the Napier Port dredging program.

Image source: Heron

“Heron’s backhoe dredge GPK, tugs Capricorn Alpha and Pacific Way with split hopper barges WH761 and WH762 have just commenced the capital dredging of 1.2M m3 for the new 6 Wharf project,” the company stated in their latest announcement.

According to Napier Port, 6 Wharf will allow the port to reduce congestion and welcome more and larger ships as vessel sizes increase and exports out of the region grow.

The Port will deposit most of the dredged material at a consented site 5 kilometres east of the port.

The dredging work is being guided by best-practice management plans to ensure water quality, cultural and recreational values, biosecurity, marine wildlife and birds, are protected.

Photo: Image source: Heron