FRPD 309 returning to Centerm

This month, work in the water and on the Centerm Expansion Project continues, according to the Port of Vancouver.

In the latest update on the project, the port said that infilling is continuing this month at the west end dykes 24 hours a day, six days a week (with Sunday being the off-day).

This work is expected to be completed by the fall while the work on the northeast dyke is almost complete.

The port also added that in July, the largest dredging vessel on the west coast, the trailing suction hopper dredge “309” is returning to Centerm.

The Fraser River Pile and Dredge 309 is anticipated to be onsite for approximately one month to complete infilling and preload placement in the lagoon in the eastern expansion area.

As reported, work on the southwest perimeter dyke is nearly complete. The land in the southwest expansion area is anticipated to be fully out of the water by mid-July.

Once land has broken the water’s surface, sand will be placed on top to help the land settle (called “preload”).

The preload will stay in place for around four months, or until the land is compacted enough to meet long term strength requirements.

Photo: Port of Vancouver