Lincolnshire beaches get new sand

The Environment Agency’s annual flood defence work to protect thousands of coastal properties from flooding is almost complete for 2020.

According to the EA, the £7m scheme saw 400,000 cubic metres of sand replaced on Lincolnshire’s beaches.

The sand is pumped from the seabed back onto the beach to replace levels lost to the sea over winter.

This means the beaches – rather than hard defences like sea walls – take the brunt of the waves’ force and energy, so hard defences sustain less damage and erosion.

Each year the work is carried out from Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point and helps protect 20,000 homes and businesses, 24,500 static caravans and 35,000 hectares of land from flooding.

But this year saw extra challenges as the country responded to the risk of coronavirus.

Despite a delayed start, Environment Agency teams worked throughout the summer in line with government guidance.

The work is expected to finish by the end of July.

Photo: Environment Agency