Terrebonne Barrier Island Project moves ahead

Louisiana’s largest barrier island restoration project to-date is now underway, the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) reports.

The sand for the Terrebonne Barrier Island Project is being dredged from Ship Shoal, a 7,000 year old barrier island 12 miles off the coast.

Restoration of the Terrebonne Basin barrier shoreline will provide a buffer to reduce the full force and effects of wave action, provide marsh to capture sediment washing over the islands, and reduce saltwater intrusion, storm surge, and tidal currents on adjacent estuaries and wetlands.

Endangered and threatened species will also benefit from habitat restoration, said CPRA.

Tanner Johnson, Director of NFWF’s Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, said: “Working in partnership with CPRA, these islands were not only identified as eligible for funding under the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, but also as critical to the protection and restoration of the entire lower Terrebonne basin.”

The Terrebonne Basin Barrier project is located within the Timbalier and Isles Dernieres barrier island chains in Terrebonne Parish and Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Photo: CPRA