McAmis wraps up clean-up and sand capping operations in OR

J.E. McAmis, Inc., has completed pile removal and in water sand capping of the Astoria Marine Construction Company (AMMCO) site in Astoria, OR.

J.E. McAmis

The site was contaminated with hazardous chemicals from historical ship manufacturing and repair operations.

Contamination was in soil on the property and in nearby riverbed sediment in the Lewis and Clark River near the mouth of the Columbia River.

In coordination with AMCCO, tribal governments, and a community advisory group, DEQ selected a remedy in 2017 to clean up contamination on the site and in the adjacent riverbed.

McAmis provided the marine side work in support of the larger effort being managed by DEQ and Maul Foster & Alongi.

The overall cleanup project will be completed by November 2020.