Fourth and final breach closure along Levee System L-536

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District has closed fourth breach on Levee System L-536 near Corning, Missouri.

The closure, denoted as “A” near River Mile 523, marks the last of four planned breach closures along Levee System L-536.

The closure returns this portion of the levee to a 10-year level of protection.

This will improve flood risk management capabilities and allow for follow-on construction efforts to continue.

The remainder of the system, to include breaches D, E and G will be restored by means of a new levee setback.

“Over the past couple of months the team has done an incredible job on the L-536 levee system, culminating in the closure of the ‘A’ breach last night,” said Carlie Hively, project manager.

Photo: USACE