Lake Orono dredging set for winter

Lake Orono Restoration and Enhancement (LORE) project is one step closer to start date, according to the City of Elk River, MN.

The first step is a lake drawdown in preparation for dredging this winter.

The city recently obtained all necessary permits from the government agencies to begin the LORE dredging project.

Using the dam, the city will begin lowering the lake’s water level on Tuesday, September 8.

City officials expect it will take one week to complete the lowering of lake water level.

The drawdown sets the stage for dredging which will occur during the deep freeze winter months.

Dredging of sediment that has accumulated from runoff, shoreline erosion, litter, development, etc., will restore the lake’s natural bottom and significantly improve water quality.

Officials will return the lake to normal water level by spring 2021.

Photo: City of Elk River