All set for Salterns Recreation Ground Seawall repair

From the 14th September, Salterns Recreation Ground Seawall is to be repaired taking around 3 weeks to complete, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership – ESCP reports.

The blockwork seawall has undergone many repairs since it’s construction over 50 years ago.

“Working with Fareham Borough Council we are now preparing to reconstruct a 25m x 1.4m section downstream of Fareham Lower Quay. During these works, a small section of parking on the eastern carriageway may need to be coned off for site access,” the company said.

The works require the rotated section to be taken down symapthetically and systematically before being reconstructed using the existing blocks, with improved drainage.

The seawall, owned and maintained by Fareham Borough Council (FBC), is the primary flood and coastal erosion defense for the recreation ground.

The wall is prone to overtopping during exceptionally high tides and is a popular public open space in FBC. 

During the winter storms a short section of wall was identified to have rotated forwards and was closed off to the public for safety. This is now in need of urgent repairs.

Photo: ESCP