Tekakwitha Island and Bay restoration hits delay

The Kahnawà:ke Environment Protection Office, a department within the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke, Quebec, Canada, said in their latest release that there is a delay in the dredging component of the Tekakwitha Island and Bay restoration project.


The contractor, Rice Mohawk Landscaping, has been building a dredging platform to carry out the work.

Unfortunately, they have been experiencing technical challenges with certain components of the dredging equipment.

According to the latest update, “the contractor is continuing to work towards solutions to these issues and hopes to begin dredging shortly.”

The project includes:

  • Dredging a 40m wide by 433m long channel in the shoal area of the bay. By dredging a channel instead of the whole bay, we can improve water flow in the bay while reducing costs and impacts to wildlife. Aquatic plants in the bay will also be removed and will need to be periodically harvested to ensure the bay is clear. Plant material will be mixed with the dredged sediment and reused for earthworks on the island or composted at the Transfer Depot;
  • Two new natural zones will be created on the island; a marsh and linear pond, and a turtle nesting ground. These zones will naturalize the rocky shoreline of the island, improving access for wildlife. Building these zones will also bring a diversity of habitats by changing the topography and the addition of a wetland. This will improve the habitat for the species already on the island and will attract more wildlife to the area.