Dublin dredging operations underway

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has started the next round of maintenance dredging works in the port’s navigation channel, basins and berthing pockets.

The last maintenance dredging campaign took place in 2018. Since then sediment has built up over time causing a reduction in the water depths.

According to DPC, Boskalis is undertaking the 2020 maintenance dredging campaign using the trailer suction hopper dredger SHOALWAY.

They also added that the dredging and dumping operations will only take place during the month of September 2020.

After that, DPC will carry out a Capital Dredging campaign commencing 1st October 2020, weather permitting.

This capital dredging scheme is part of the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project.

The loading and dumping operations will take place between October 2020 and March 2021.

The company that won this contract is Irish Dredging, a subsidiary of the International Dredging Company Boskalis.

Photo: Boskalis