Milford on Sea work in full swing

Earlcoate Construction & Plant Hire Ltd crews are currently working on a major cliff stabilization and construction of a new rock armor Revetment for New Forest D.C at Milford on Sea.


The project is part of an urgent coast protection initiative after damage from storms last year compromised the existing sea wall.

“We have 11,000 tons of 3-6 ton Larvik rock coming to site from Norway as well as 1200 tons of 1-3 ton rock from Portland on G Crook road lorries for enabling works topped up by a further 400 tons from Suttle,” Earlcoate said in their announcement.

“This is a highly important project to protect the coastline,” said the company.

A storm last winter damaged a 200m section of sea wall which has lead to erosion of another 110m section, putting it at high risk of failure as well. ⠀⠀

To repair the wall and arrest further erosion, the contractor will use 9000 tonnes of armor.

This material was shipped into Southampton from Norway, then delivered to site by barge.

Earlcoate is now placing the rock armor into the revetment profile using excavators on the foreshore.