EPA Finalizes Designation of Isles of Shoals North site

The U.S. EPA has finalized the designation of a disposal site for dredged material off the coast of southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Tim Boyle, USACE

This designation, published in the Federal Register on September 25, 2020, will provide a new, long-term disposal site for federal, state and commercial marine dredging projects in this region, said EPA

The newly designated site will replace the Cape Arundel site, the only other site for dredge material disposal in the area.

“This designation allows our federal and state partners and New England marine industries to proceed with projects that are critical to our region’s economic prosperity while reducing impacts on air quality and the marine environment,” said EPA New England Regional Administrator, Dennis Deziel.

“The new Isles of Shoals North site reduces the likelihood of unsafe navigational conditions and potential adverse impacts to marine ecosystems.”

The Isles of Shoals North Disposal Site is located in the Gulf of Maine, approximately 12.4 miles east of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

EPA is designating the Isles of Shoals North Disposal Site as an ocean dredged material disposal site.

According to EPA, the Isles of Shoals North site will be open for use on October 26, 2020.