Able: Odin ready for Triton Knoll project

MHI Vestas has started a major ramp up in UK offshore wind activity with a move into Able Seaton Port in Hartlepool.

As part of the preparatory works to install turbines at the Triton Knoll project, Able will conduct a significant amount of dredging activities.

In fact, those works have seen the deployment of the Boskalis’ backhoe dredger Odin, Able reports.

Commenting the latest news, Peter Stephenson, Able UK’s Executive Chairman, said: “We have invested well over £100m at the site since it was acquired in 1996 and to date we are perhaps best known for our leading role in the marine decommissioning sector.”

“Most recently this has seen our engagement with the Shell Brent decommissioning project and a major project from Canada.”

“At the same, and the Triton Knoll project is very much a case in point, we are increasingly involved in the renewable energies of the future.”

Further, ASP will serve as the turbine logistics and pre-assembly hub, with components expected to arrive from next month.

Triton Knoll, the 857 MW offshore wind farm, is being built by RWE Renewables in partnership with J-Power and Kansai Electric Power.

Photo: Boskalis