Ashtabula Harbor project agreement inked

Representatives of federal, state and local government agencies gathered yesterday to sign a project partnership agreement along the Ashtabula River.

The main goal of the project is to restore wetlands habitat and provide cost-effective disposal of approximately 336,000 cubic yards of dredged material in the Ashtabula Harbor.

“Ashtabula Harbor is an important part of Northeast Ohio,” said Ohio Congressman, Dave Joyce.

“It supports more than 1,500 jobs, generates more than $120 million annually in revenue, and provides a natural habitat for countless species of fish and other wildlife.”

“Unfortunately, the Harbor has experienced a historic level of aquatic habitat loss over the past several years.” 

“The Project Partnership Agreement reverses that loss by creating 16.5 acres of fish and wildlife hemi-marsh habitat while also allowing for more cost-effective disposal of dredged material from the Harbor.”

Furthermore, the project is funded under the Continuing Action Program, Section 204 of the 1992 Water resources management.

Equally important, this authority evaluates the use of dredged material from new or existing federal projects in connection with dredging for construction, operation, or maintenance of an authorized navigation projects.

The dredged material can be beneficially reused to protect, restore, or create aquatic and ecologically related habitats, including wetlands; to reduce storm damage to property.

Photo: USACE